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Category: Hollywood Old Movies Below 2000 Dual Audio Eng-Hin

Hollywood Movies Below 2000 English and Its Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali Dubbed Download in 480p and 300Mb to 400Mb. Also, 720p, 1080p, 700Mb.

Indiana Jones All Parts Collection Part 1-4 BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p 1GB 720p

Description: Indiana Jones is an American media franchise based on the adventures of Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr., a fictional professor of archaeology. It began in 1981 with the film Raiders of the Lost Ark. A prequel, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, followed in 1984, and a sequel, Indiana Jones and the […]

Indiana Jones 3 and The Last Crusade 1989 Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p 1.2GB 720p

Rating: 8.3/10 Director: Steven Spielberg Writers: Jeffrey Boam (screenplay), George Lucas (story) Stars: Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Alison Doody Runtime: 2h 7min Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy Released: 24 May 1989 Synopsis: After Adolf Hitler & the Nazis fail to obtain the Ark of the Covenant, Hitler orders the SS and Wehrmacht to go after the […]

Edtv 1999 Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 400mb 480p 1.2GB 720p

Rating: 6.9/10 Director: Ron Howard Writers: Émile Gaudreault (screenplay “Louis 19, le roi des ondes”), Sylvie Bouchard (screenplay “Louis 19, le roi des ondes”) Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Jenna Elfman, Geoffrey Blake Runtime: 2h 2min Genre: Comedy , Drama Released: 26 March 1999 Synopsis: In a Hail Mary move for corporate preservation, the San Francisco based […]

Indiana Jones 1: Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p 1GB 720p

Rating: 8.5/10 Director: Steven Spielberg Writers: Lawrence Kasdan (screenplay by), George Lucas (story by) Stars: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman Runtime: 1h 55min Genre: Action, Adventure Released: 12 June 1981 Synopsis: The year is 1936. Archeology professor Indiana Jones narrowly escapes death in a South American temple with a gold idol – by poison […]

Con Air 1997 BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p 1GB 720p

Rating: 6.8/10 Director: Simon West Writer: Scott Rosenberg Stars: Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, John Malkovich Runtime: 1h 55min Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller Released: 6 June 1997 Storyline: Cameron Poe, a highly decorated United States Army Ranger, came home to Alabama to his wife, Tricia, only to run into a few drunken regulars where Tricia works. […]

Godzilla 1998 Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 400mb 480p 1.2GB 720p

Rating: 5.3/10 Director: Roland Emmerich Writers: Dean Devlin (screenplay), Roland Emmerich (screenplay) Stars: Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Maria Pitillo Runtime: 2h 19min Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller Released: 20 May 1998 Synopsis: Following the French atomic bomb tests in the South Pacific, an unknown creature is spotted passing eastward through the Panama Canal. Scientist Niko Tatopolous […]

Animal House 1978 18+ Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p 1GB 720p

Rating: 7.6/10 Director: John Landis Writers: Harold Ramis, Douglas Kenney Stars: John Belushi, Karen Allen, Tom Hulce Runtime: 1h 49min Genre: Comedy Released: 28 July 1978 Synopsis: Faber College has one frat house so disreputable it will take anyone. It has a second one full of white, anglo-saxon, rich young men who are so sanctimonious […]

Samson and Delilah 1949 Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 400mb 480p 1.2GB 720p

Rating: 6.8/10 Director: Cecil B. DeMille Writers: Jesse Lasky Jr. (screenplay) (as Jesse L. Lasky Jr.), Fredric M. Frank (screenplay) Stars: Hedy Lamarr, Victor Mature, George Sanders Runtime: 2h 11min Genre: Adventure, Drama, History Released: 21 September 1950 Synopsis: Though his people, the Israelites, are enslaved by the Philistines, Samson, strongest man of the tribe […]

The Three Musketeers 1973 Movie BRRip Dual Audio Hindi Eng 300mb 480p 1GB 720p

Rating: 7.3/10 Director: Richard Lester Writers: George MacDonald Fraser (screenplay), Alexandre Dumas (novel) Stars: Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Richard Chamberlain Runtime: 1h 46min Genre: Action, Adventure Released: 29 March 1974 Synopsis: The young D’Artagnan arrives in Paris with dreams of becoming a king’s musketeer. He meets and quarrels with three men, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, […]

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